Affordable flea and tick protection
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Canine Flea, Tick and Worm Prevention

Flea, tick and worm prevention is a very important part of having a healthy canine companion. Traditionally, effective medication was only available through local veterinarians at substantial markup. Now you can order the same medication that is available from your vet and have it shipped to your door while enjoying substantial savings.

K9 Advantix Flea and Tick Medication (Dogs 55lbs+)

Manufacturer: K9 Advantix
New Price: From $62.99 (6 applications)

Description: K9 Advantix offers 5-way protection, repelling and killing ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes, repelling biting flies, and killing chewing lice. Even after a bath or running in the rain, your dog will still be protected by waterproof K9 Advantix. For best results, use a non-detergent shampoo during baths. K9 Advantix combines 2 proven ingredients, imidacloprid and permethrin, that work synergistically against external parasites. The mode of action of imidacloprid complements the activity of permethrin. Each affects parasite nerve cells at different sites to rapidly debilitate, paralyze, and kill by acting on their central nervous systems and sparing your dog discomfort. Do not use on cats. For dogs over 55 pounds.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Medication (Dogs 90-132lbs+)

Manufacturer: Frontline
New Price: From $35.99 (3 applications)

Description: Longest-lasting, most complete spot-on flea and tick protection available, Flea treatment kills 100% of adult fleas on your dog within 24-48 hours. Kills all stages of 4 major ticks including the ones that may transmit Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Frontline flea and tick keeps killing fleas and ticks for at least four weeks

Sentry HC WormX Plus Dog Dewormer (Round/Hook/Tapeworm)

Manufacturer: Sentry
New Price: From $23.99 (12 applications)

Description: Sentry's large dog dewormer medication kills 7 strains of tapeworms, hookworms and ringworms and comes in a chewable tablet that is administered once a month as worm prevention. Contains 12 applications.

GPS Tracking Products

There is not a lot in life more heartbreaking than losing a canine family member. With the wandering nature of the Great Pyrenees, chances are fairly good that you will be unintentionally seperated from your pet at least once in its lifetime. With certain pets more likely to become lost than others, it only makles sense to do everything your can to ensure that you are reunited with yoru pet as soon as possible. With today's GPS tracking techology, it is now possible to own presise pet tracking at an affordable price.

Garmin Astro 220 GPS Tracking collar and Receiver

Manufacturer: Garmin
New Price: From $534.99

Description: The Garmin Astro 220 GPS tracking collar and receiver is perfect solution for dogs that become lost and for ownership peace of mind without the need of paying a montly monitoring fee.
The Astro system includes a bright color-screen handheld GPS device and the rugged, orange polyurethane DC 40 collar. The collar accommodates most e-collar receivers — eliminating the need to put two separate collars on a dog. Plus, Collar Lock creates a four-digit PIN number that helps prevent others from seeing your dog’s whereabouts — a useful feature in field trials to ensure that an Astro is used only as a recovery tool when a dog in competition becomes lost. To get started, just take Astro outdoors and turn on the handheld and transmitter to acquire GPS satellite signals. Then attach the DC 40 to your dog. Astro shines when you’re out on the hunt, but it also excels in getting you back to your truck at the end of the day, or even back home again. In fact, the Astro handheld has all the features of Garmin’s top-line handheld outdoor devices, including a barometric altimeter, electronic compass, microSD™ card slot, celestial information, area calculator and rugged, IPX7 waterproof exterior. With optional detailed city street maps, you can search for over 6 million points of interest and create a route on roads with exact turn-by-turn directions.

RoamEO Pet Monitoring System

Manufacturer: PetTronix
New Price: From $279.99

Description: The RoamEO Pet Monitor System allows you to locate your lost pet using a patented combination of satellite and radio signals. The easy to use system consists of an adjustable collar for your pet and a handheld receiver that monitors your pet's movements and will guide you to your pet if desired. RoamEO works right from the box and doesn't require a subscription or additional fees or services. Batteries and battery charger included.

Spotlight GPS Location System

Manufacturer: Spotlight
New Price: From $225.99

Description: For those that prefer a professional GPS pet monitoring service, the Spotlight GPS monitoring service is a wise choice. Do you have a dog that is constantly escaping the yard or running away from you? Have you spent hours or you precious time driving around trying to find Fido? If so, this new GPS Pet Locator System from SpotLight is the solution for you. Spotlight GPS contains a special GPS collar that allows you to always know where you dog is no matter what. Very similar to the technology in the cell phone commercials that allow parents to keep track of their kids, Spotlight will let you do that for your dog. The Spotlight GPS service allows you to define safe zones from your computer using satellite images and maps. You easily customize your own SafeSpots – locations where you know your dog is safe, like your backyard, your vacation home or the local park. Whenever your dog leaves a SafeSpot, you’ll receive an alert with your dog’s location by text message, email or both. You can also set up SafeSpots to give you multiple alerts. With the Spotlight GPS Pet Locator System you can locate your pet on the SpotLight website using your cell phone, smart phone, or computer. You can also text message SpotLight from your cell phone or call them and then will tell you where you pet is located, 24 hours a day with precision accuracy. You can even receive turn-by-turn directions to your lost dog sent to your mobile device and/or your personal computer. Spotlight GPS is compatible with ALL cell phone carriers, so it doesn't matter which cell phone provider your cell phone has, but in order for the GPS locator to communicate it needs to be on a T-Mobile coverage area. This product requires a service plan subscription of $14.99 per month. More information on the service plans can be found on the Spotlight Website

Electronic Containment Products

If you reside in a country setting and full fencing is not feasible or cost effective, one option that is available is electronic containment. While this is not effective for all Great Pyrenees, especially those determined "escape artist" types, many owners report success using these products. Those that enjoy the most success are pets that seldom wander as these products give just that little extra incentive to your pet to remain in the yard.

Petsafe Pet Containment System

Manufacturer: Petsafe
New Price: From $269.99

Description: The PetSafe Wireless Containment System is a simple, yet effective alternative to traditional outdoor fencing or buried wire fencing. Instead of using spools of boundary wire around your yard, the PIF-300 uses radio frequency to guard your pet against straying. The system is also portable, allowing you to provide a wireless pet area when traveling. With the Wireless Containment System, you can keep pets over 8 pounds safely contained in the area of your choosing. Simply plug in the transmitter and it will emit a constant radio signal from an adjustable range of up to 90 feet in all directions. Typically, full set-up takes less than an hour and no installation, wire burying or stakes are required.

Sportdog 100 Acre Fence System

Manufacturer: Petsafe
New Price: From $202.99

Description: The SportDog Brand In-Ground Fence is a simple and cost-effective alternative to a traditional fence. Safe and effective for dogs over 10 pounds. Follow the training instructions to get your dog acquainted with his new boundaries and he will be staying safely in you yard in no time.

General Pet Products

Punk Pooch 27" Heavy Duty Studded Dog Collar

Manufacturer: Kakadu Pet
New Price: From $10.99

Description: Toughen up your dog's look with a strong leather collar! The Punk Pooch Studded Leather Collar ensures high quality and durability. Its leather construction and heavy metal hardware stitched with premium nylon thread make the collar strong enough for regular use. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Measures 1 1/2"x 27 1/2"and adjusts from 20-25"in circumference, it's suitable for large to extra large breeds such as Great Pyrenees, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Great Danes and Weimaraners.

Premium 28" Heavy Duty Spiked & Studded Leather Dog Collar

Manufacturer: Private Label
New Price: From $29.99

Description: This large black genuine leather dog collar measures 28 inches in length, and is made for large dogs with necks measuring from 22 to 26 inches. The collar is 1 5/8" wide, and has 26 1/2" chrome plated spikes, accented with 86 polished pyramid studs and 12 round studs, to give your dog that fierce look. The spikes are high quality, individually screwed into the leather. This collar is great for great Pyrenees, Dalmations, Dobermans, Chows and Golden Retrievers.

Extra large dog crate

Manufacturer: BestPet
New Price: From $49.99

Description: Extra large dog kennel features Three doors - Easy and secure access from front, top, or side; Rounded corners to protect you, your pet, and your clothing; dual bolt type latches on each door. Easily removable pan for cleaning, Suitcase style folding crate - Quickly fold and carry with included plastic handle; No assembly required - Comes pre-assembled - Just unfold and use! Tough satin black powder coat finish - Long-lasting finish. Size: 49"(L) x 29"(W) x 32"(H)

Oster Professional Pet Rake

Manufacturer: Oster
New Price: From $27.99

Description: The Oster Grooming Tool line is complete with rakes and combs for a variety of breeds and coat types. The Wide 18 Teeth Coarse Rake 078928-300 is ideal for large breeds with thick undercoat.

Evolution Double Row Undercoat Rake

Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products
New Price: From $12.99

Description: The Evolution Grooming Undercoat Rake leaves your dog’s coat looking shiny and neat. To maintain a healthy coat, use the Grooming Undercoat Rake regularly. Its long rotating teeth penetrate deep into and easily pull through the coat and undercoat for a tangle-free appearance. The short teeth then collect the hair. The teeth have smooth, rounded ends that feel gentle on the skin. Ideal for collies, Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards, Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands, Chow Chows, terriers, schnauzers, and other breeds with thick, heavy coats. Remember to always comb in the direction of the hair growth.

Miracle Coat Large Slicker Brush

Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products
New Price: From $12.99

Description: The large slicker brush by Miracle Coat is one of the best tools for grooming undercoats. The fine, wire pins reach into the undercoat to remove loose hair. Regular use deters matting.

RomeEO GPS Pet Tracking!